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Projects need more support to grow ...
Investors want to be more in control …
Let's fulfill both needs.

Why YZ?

YZ provides a secure platform dedicated to early stage Blockchain Projects, for the teams and their community & investors. Several levers contribute to sustain growth while providing flexibility in token management from day 1 of fundraising.

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Current pain points
Tokens are locked until launch
Investments at presale stage are locked until the Token launch which is often delayed, and with duration of vesting periods tending to increase.
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dump sign
Token price volatility
As investors receive their long awaited tokens, they tend to “dump” them, leading to a sharp token price decline.
YZ Solutions
Charged Tokens (CT) : more control and flexibility for investors
Investors receive CT immediately after payment, those can be staked or transferred to their wallets. After launch, CT can be used to claim the Project Tokens according to the vesting schedule set in the smart contract.
Anti-dumping shield
5 mechanisms are used to sustain growth, facilitate partnerships with other projects and reward long-term commitment, therefore sustaining token prices.
YZ aims to unleash the submerged part of the iceberg by increasing the exposure of early stage Projects.
YZ at a glance
VC launchpadsfragmented fundraising
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With YZ
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Creation of Charged Token (CT) with embedded vesting terms

> clear investment terms, flexible token management, smooth price discovery
Single platform to support Fundraising and Token Management
Token price
token price curve
Selling pressure is stretched out on a longer time period and token price is sustained through 5 cumulating mechanisms
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YZ has already been accepted into the Acceleration program of FasterCapital to raise for its first round.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Charged Token ?

A Charged Token (CT) is a Token tied to a specific investment round (seed, private etc…) of a Blockchain Project in fundraising stage. It comprises the vesting schedule of the Project Token, immutably through smart contracts. It can be transferred and traded at any time, before the launch of the Project Token, therefore unlocking liquidity of presale investments. After launch, CT can be used to claim the underlying Project Token according to the predefined vesting schedule.

What is a DAICO ?

The DAICO (Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offerings) model was proposed by Vitalik Buterin (cofounder of Ethereum) in 2018 to address the issue of teams doing excessive raisings without delivering the expected product afterwards. In the case of YZ and the related supported projects, the objective is to do a series of fundraisings instead of a single bigger one (*), with additional fundraisings to be initiated only if the previously set milestones are reached. This is decided collectively by the investors as a DAO.

(*) which is slightly different from the original DAICO concept where all the funds are raised at once and released gradually. Splitting the fundraising reduces the amount of unutilised funds (hence also the selling pressure) and the risk of funds mismanagement due to more complex smart contracts.

Why the name YZ ?

Every name starts with a pronunciation, as WISE investors should have figured it out. YZ also points out the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, with more transparency in the launch of Blockchain Projects and more decentralization in the process of decision making. Furthermore, being a disruptive force in the last decade, Blockchain technology and the Projects building on top of it are targeting the Y & Z generations. Also, Y is central as it defines “Y (why) we do what we do” and Z, signed by the legendary Dark Knight, aims to help new Projects and small investors to thrive. Finally, Y and Z are the central letters of the parent organization horYZon set to define a long term vision in the space.