Additional services for projects onboarding the YZ platform
Business & Strategy Advisory
⚬ Market & competitor analysis

⚬ Whitepaper & Pitch Deck Review

⚬ Tokenomics

⚬ Fundraising alternatives (Bonding curves, DAICO…)

⚬ Go-to-market strategy
Marketing & Growth
⚬ Connections with partnership projects, as YZ will  support a growing ecosystem of projects

⚬ Increased market awareness through articles / videos
Technical Support
⚬ Pre-audit, smart contract support & analysis (Solidity)

⚬ Infrastructure
Customer Service
⚬ Robust service to facilitate responsiveness and a culture of trust

⚬ Suitable CRM platforms

⚬ Customer interaction channels, structure and processes
YZ aims to provide a full service for Blockchain projects, from inception to maturity